Science Educator Workshops

We offer teachers an array of opportunities for continuing education in the teaching of science to pre-k, elementary, and early middle school students. Workshops are offered at your school upon request for groups of 10 to 30 teachers at a time. Call the Center at 713.667.6550 to find out how to bring one of our fantastic Science Educator Workshops to your school campus!

All workshops come with a Curriculum/Activity Guide.
Participants earn 3, 4, or 6 hrs SBEC credit (1 hr credit/full class hr)

Mileage Fee: We charge round trip mileage from the Nature Discovery Center to your school, based on Google maps distance x $0.56/mile, to cover transportation costs for workshops.

Space & Other Requirements: We will need a space with tables and chairs for teachers, an open space for activities and games, and some basic school supplies like paper, pencils, pens, markers or crayons, tape, etc. for the teachers to use. The teachers or school provide their own lunch or snacks as needed.

Cancellation: One month cancellation notice required.

2015-2016 Teacher Workshops Offered (Dates TBA)

Aquatic WILD (6 hours)

Aquatic WILD is an invitation to explore and understand the fascinating world of aquatic habitats. Learn how to teach young people about aquatic wildlife using fun, hands-on educational activities. Workshop participants sample activities and receive a curriculum guide for grades K-8. Activities are integrated with core subject curricula and aligned to TEKS.
Cost: $30/teacher

Growing Up WILD (4 hours)

Growing Up WILD is an early childhood education program that builds on children’s sense of wonder about nature and invites them to explore wildlife and the world around them. Through a wide range of activities and experiences, Growing Up WILD provides an early foundation for developing positive impressions about the natural world and lifelong social and academic skills.
Cost: $30/teacher

Nature At Your Doorstep (4 or 6 hours)

Do you want to get your elementary students engaged in science? This workshop provides the skill and experience necessary to incorporate a variety of field studies into your K-6 curriculum. Each study is structured using the scientific method and incorporates math and language arts. Participants receive a copy of the book Nature at Your Doorstep.
Cost: $25 (cost of book)

Nature Detectives (4 hours)

Introduce your pre-school or kindergarten children to the wonders of nature in their world. Includes tips and techniques for outdoor explorations with your students. Participants will receive a teacher's manual of activities that can be used as an entire science curriculum or integrated into your own!
Cost: $25/teacher

Project Learning Tree: Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood (3 hours)

This 2011 Teacher’s Choice Award winning program was developed for preschool educators and early childhood specialists teaching children ages 3 to 6. It includes over 130 experiences that engage children in outdoor play and exploration. Topics include exploring nature with five senses, meeting neighborhood trees, experiencing trees through the seasons, and more. An accompanying music CD features songs from children's musician Billy B. Brennan that encourages children to sing, dance, and
Cost: $30 teacher / $25 current student

Project Learning Tree (K-8) (6 hours)

Participants learn to use the environment as a focus while incorporating nature and science in their curriculum. PLT emphasizes hands-on activities to stimulate student interest in language arts, social studies, science, math and more.  Texas PLT Sponsors: Texas Forestry Assoc. & Texas Forest Service
Cost: $30 teacher / $25 current student

Project WILD (6 hours)

An interdisciplinary, supplementary, environmental education program for teachers and other educators wishing to incorporate nature and science in their teaching. The workshop provides everything necessary to use this K-12 curriculum, which teaches how to think, not what to think
Cost: $30/teacher

WET in the City (6 hours)

WET in the City is a national urban education program focusing on water resources. Participants receive a curriculum and activity guide, which includes hands-on activities for K-12 grade students. it explores such topics as water conservation, drinking water, water economics, the water cycle, and aquatic wildlife.
Cost: $20/teacher

Program Participants Say ...

“Very good! I will definitely use these lessons in a classroom. Thumbs up!!”

“… a very hands-on and exciting way to educate.”

“I will definitely recommend this workshop to all educators regardless of their content areas. These lessons would incorporate much more than science.”

For More Information

Call 713.667.6550 and ask for Henry Owen, our Director and Science Educator Workshop Coordinator. 































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